Will exist several Kreml-tied artefacts. For example, Monomach`s Hat, Vorpal Sword, Bogatyr`s Shield, etc. Here work variants of several artefacts:

In campaign will used Stone Alatyr - created by Ancients powerful artefact, carring in itself "planet restoration program", which can cure world from swords catastrophe consequences.

Also developed (by Покрик) few "fire" artefacts, combined together into artefact "Zhar-Ptiza" (Flamebird, name is temporal, possible varants, for example, Flamebird`s Feather, Armor of Flamebird, or something else). This artefacts, also involved in final battles of campaign, be much help to Boreyans.

Probably, appear and another artefacts, bacause Slavian fables and legends rich in such magical things, helping its masters in various ways.

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