New city creating with using elements of slavic mithology, therefore was decided to name it Kreml. This word familiar for both russian people and foreigners, and mean "stronghold". Also in discussion were suggestions to name it Grad, Terem, Zastava, etc.

Slavic towns (at map them cannot be more then 16) will have such names:

  1. Belovodye

  2. Berezan

  3. Gardarik

  4. Dobrogost

  5. Ivolnik

  6. Kitezh

  7. Lukomorye

  8. Peryn

  9. Radegast

  10. Roslavl

  11. Svetloyar

  12. Slavutich

  13. Stratim

  14. Udalsk

  15. Yarovit

  16. Yahont

  1. Беловодье

  2. Березань

  3. Гардарик

  4. Доброгост

  5. Иволник

  6. Китеж

  7. Лукоморье

  8. Перынь

  9. Радегаст

  10. Рославль

  11. Светлояр

  12. Славутич

  13. Стратим

  14. Удальск

  15. Яровит

  16. Яхонт


Kreml, how any city, will have all common military-econonical buildings - Capitoly, Castle, Smithy, Mages Guild (two levels), Marketplace and Resource Storage, Tavern, 7 creatures dwellings, Bears grows-increasing building. Also Kreml will have special buildings:

Absorbtion Altar (+10% to Absorbtion skill of each Hero)


Fair or Armourer (market upgrade, selling relatively cheap (+3 in sum) combat, non-magical artefacts.

Knowledge Tree (+1 level to visiting Hero)

Graal Building - not decided yet, probably Gorynych Cave (+5000 gold/day, +50% creatures growth, free few Gorynychs for town defender).

Most buildings reflected at economical-tactical map of city development.

Monster treasuries (Banks)

At adventure map exists objects (called Monster treasuries, or Banks), where after victory over group of appointed creatures Hero receive prize (resources, creatures, artefacts, etc.). Most Banks can be called aligned to cities at type of guards, for example, Gryphon Conservatory - Castle, Transilvanian Tavern and Crypt - Necropolis, Cyclops Storage - Stronghold, etc.

Kreml also will have such object for adventure map. It be called (preliminarily) Bogatyrs Cache. Here after victory over few tens Baba-Yagas hero receive few Bogatyrs. Cache will looks like Bogatyr statue (look at picture).

External Creature Dwellings



Bear`s Lair

Chicken-legged Hut

Dark Forest



Wooden Chur

Bogatyrs Cache

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