Tale of beginning

Long time ago Tarnum defeat Vorr fist time (World Tree Campaign). He gain barbarians over his side and because of it decrease mad ancestor`s power... After defeat, Vorr make to another world and begin quitly sends demons to Enroth. In decisive one-to-one battle Tarnum slays Vorr and instantly resurrect him by World Tree sap. As a result, Vorr not only revived, but also cured from his madness.

Vorr confess to Tarnum: before move to Fire Moon, he create and activate powerful artefact, which able to absorb magic, as part of plan to weaken Enroth people, fighting against demons. Regardless of the fact that depons invasion was delayed, Enroth`s magic was at brink of destruction... Tarnum decide find artefact and give it to Ancestors for disarming. However in specified by Vorr place it absent. How discovered soon, several demons, after Xiron leadership, re-conceal artefact... From local people Tarnum learn their direction, and follow them despite the fact that his army too weak for fighting against demons.

Chasing demons, Tarnum finally end up at remote, ice-covered and unexplored island Boyan... Mages, who follow his, feel loss of some power, and let know about it. So, they come to right direction and artefact here nearly. At island, to his surprise, he meet few locals inhabitants, and learn about Borea nation, located at this island and several smaller islands nearly, ruled by Grand Duke and his vassals (Princes and Voevodes). Borean Bogatyrs agree join Tarnum to destroy demons, because they also in constant war with forest creatures, and don`t like interference of new enemies. So, strengthens his army by little, Tarnum defeat demons and gain artefact.

After examination of artefact, Ancestors come to a conclusion that they cannot disarm artefact, and only way make it safe - building of powerful barrier, enclosing island from rest of world. However, by it local people will imprisoned forever, and Tarnum decide save them. The time has run out... Barely in time he lead all to ships, but here learn bad news from mages. Provided to be, by unknown means locals becom "infected" with artefact`s power. Was it because they was nearly it too long, or it work of demons - unknown. Tarnum understand, he cannot take them with him, but also cannot leave them.

But his crew decide... Mages put him to sleep, and, unconscious, carry to ship. Awakened, Tarnum learn about betrayal and in rage nearly kills mages, but they explain necessity of such action... At end Tarnum against his will acept mages arguments - at end, he know it already, but cannot act as mages - and leave to mainland, for awaiting him new orders of Ancestors.

And at distance, here was seen island, which under magical barrier looks like impassable ice mountain...

How years passed, Borea, cutted off from outside world, gradually developed and strengthened. Boreyans populate new, early unexplored parts of their island and meets amazing creatures who become their neighbors for many centuries. Among them was Domovoys, happy settling into Boreyans khutors, and Bears, which brute strength terrifies even powerful Bogatyrs; forest witches, oldest and wisest from which call herself Baba Yagas and often have Bayun cats nearly them as familiars. In the backwoods Boreyans acquainted with ancient forest guardians - Leshiys, and also with amazing birds Sirins and Gamayuns, inhabitating Iriy Gardens.

After great catastrophe, which throwing all Antagorich into chaos, world, appeared, never be same. Clash of Armageddon Sword and Ice Blade in a blink destroy balance of the whole world. Few was lucky, who can escape by jumping into saving portals. But not they only who was saved... Catastrophe consequences affect necromancers least, bacause they able exist at ravaged lands without difficulties. In fact, numerous casualities seen by them as nice opportunity... Bracada mages was able protect several their Towers by erecting magical barriers. Elves retreat into ancient sanctuaries, created by nature spirits. How about dwelling deep underearth mysteriour Nihon inhabitants, terrific cataclism has almost no impact at them.

Howewer, even survived understand - they cannot forever hold barriers and hide. Now or later, but how world is now, all perish into this scorched, ravaged land. However, among them were braves, who don`t accept such fate. Risking life, they left protected shelters and goes to search for new lands. Many dies in way, several returns back in despair, because outside they see only scorched desert, filled with lava lakes. Once majestic cities stand in ruins, forests burned to ground, only fire and death around... But then among survived appears rumor about early ice-covered island. Now, tell rumor, ice melted by fire, and this opens catastrophe-untouched fertile land. Many seen it only how legend, maked by despaired for last, unrealizable hope. "New land awaits us in next life", says they. But rumor appears more and more, and evidences of island become clear, raising fire of hope in hearts of people. And leaders begin think about expedition to this island... Called Boyan...



Kreml`s campaign will include 10 maps, action happening in time after catastrophe at Antagorich land. Borea nation allies with forces of good remains (Erathia, Avlee, Bracada) to withstand hordes of Necromancers and Warlocks.

Grand Duke Beloyar, fighting side-to-side with Erathia`s ex-queen Katerina, repel onslaught of evil forces, leaded by Alamar. Goal of this powerful Warlock - find and destroy Alatyr-stone, ancient artefact, which carries in itself world-restorative program for negating great catastrophe.

Will this new alliance able stand against Alamar and activate Alatyr-stone? We hope for good ending of this story... Because if they success, shall pass years, or, probably, ages, but consequences of armageddon vanish from sight, and world of Enroth be again filled with colours and lifeforce...

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