City`s combat specialities

Kreml has neutral alignment, with tendency to good. In city`s campaign warriors of Kreml will at war mostly against Warlocks and Necromancers.

Emphasis will at swift flying creatures (Yaga, Sirin), city warriors don`t have much health or defensive skill, but quite good common speed and attack skill, also strong special abilities. That is, emphasis not at long combat, because it strikes at city weaknesses. From seven city`s units three is flying (Domovoi (well, they don`t fly, but equal good at obstacle slipping), Baba-Yaga, Sirin), one shooter (Leshiy), three left - foottroopers (Bayun, Bear, Bogatyr).

Middle-fast general development type, not magical - Mages guild can be upgraded to second level only. Speciality of city is unique new secondary skill - Absorbtion (golem-type magic resistance). This skill availaible only for Kreml`s Heroes. Among special buildings here Absorbtion Altar, increasing Heroes Absorbtion (preliminarily - by 10%).

Resource Storage will give Gems, needed for hiring 7 level units - Fabled Bogatyrs.

Smithy will produce Medical Tent.

Native terrain for Kreml will Swamp (units get at it +1 to attack/defence/speed), also two "friendly" terrains - Dirt (Rough) and Grassland, where units will get +1 to attack/defence).

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