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Brief about project

Project of creation new city and adding it into game "Heroes of Might & Magic 3.5 WoG" is non-profit-making union admirers of this nice game. Each our member to the extent of their abilities trying to make a reality dream of many players - appearance in this game city, based at slavic myth, bylinas and fables.

Kremlin-creating work is underway from 2005. Team was created at 13 october 2006, week later was adopted regulations. At current moment team activities gradually goes from theoretical solutions to accomplishment appointed problems.

In january 2008 Kreml team join to CoreWOG group, created by leaders of NTG team Corwin, NordStar, Sir Four and WoG creator ZVS (Slava Salnikov).

CoreWOG group objective is continuation and developing of WoG project, including new releases with added to game new cities. Group objectives include: developing ERM language, reseaching Heroes III resources and developing WoG application, ERM-programming, preparation new graphical and sound content of Heroes world, creating single maps and campaignes in the context of Heroes world united conception, work at game balance. Group have non-profitable character, and have not rights at receiving any material commercial reward. Group work builds at respect to intellectual property and use any content, belonging to outside authors, without their permission, don't approved.

More detailed information about going work at Kreml realisation You can find out ay our Forum. It also place where You can write your remarks, suggestions, wishes.


Brief about new city

Principial new city into Heroes 3.5.

Player, who choose Kreml, find oneself in very special mithological world of Boreyans. World of Leshiy`s wisdom, Baba Yaga`s treachery and Bogatyr`s invincibility. Here over fates of heroes rules nor neat magic, nor crushing raze. Swift, agile and fearless warriors under leadership commander Smith or Rosomaha (Sorceress?) to repulse any Archmage or Necromancer and lead You to victory by special skill an infinite strength of spirit.

Descendants of Troyan supreme spirit, coming from ice-covered island, warriors of Boreya have only goal: courageous oppose forces of chaos and eternal keep peace of their people...

Kreml stronghold many times save settlers frome imminent death. Even in battle against ememy superior forces victory often was at Boreyan town defenders side.
Every town in Boreya build as Kreml, which only purpose - protection of town people. Lords, pushed by enemies, take cover of town walls - fortifications. Boreyan Kreml always was guarantor of people safety.

More detaled about city (pictures inside/outside view, and buildings) you can see here.



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